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About PCSpecial

Since 1989, PCspecial has established itself as one of the leaders in today's business of manufacturing high quality computer servers, office workstations and distribution of computer peripherals. With a strong customer base and the strength of our parent company - UNET, we have developed expertise in serving customers all around the United State.

 Partner in business

To take full advantage of the road of opportunity ahead, you need a partner you can count on. One with the expertise, stability and financial strength to help your business grow.  PCspecial is just what you are looking for. We have the resources to buy and move large quantities of computer components throughout the nation .We offer the products and services you need and our seasoned sales associates have the expertise and knowledge to assist you in filling your orders. Our goal is to build a relationship that we can both benefit from.

 Market Experience

Our highly qualified team of purchasing agents and knowledgeable sales associates can meet the highest expectations of our customers. Our customers receive up to the minute information on trading activity that is critical in this competitive and changing market.

 Business Tools

We offer the following great features to improve your operation and make you more competitive in today’s PC market:

(1) Use the best System Configurator in the industry today to painless configure a desired machine such as an enterprise server, a super workstation or an office computer, etc.

(2) Save shopping baskets and quotations.  You can build quotes and compare the prices of different system configurations for your customers. Each shopping basket or quotations can be named, saved, and changed independently.

(3) You can view and track your orders, generate activity summary reports such as Monthly Order Report or Group Order Report (sorted by salesmen, location or division, etc). These reports can help you to find  the sales performance  and have a better understanding about the current market trend.

(4) You can online submit and track your RMA, verify the serial number or invoice for the products you have bought without digging into your cabinets for the old paperworks. (What a time saving!)

(5) Use Vendor-Link supply chain monitoring feature to compare the current prices and products availability from different vendors such as Ingram Micro, Techdata, CDW, etc., so you can make the best buying decision with just a single mouse click.

Customer  Feedback

Last month,  I had to order a rackmount P4 Server with dual Xeon CPUs, RAID and DLT drive to replace my ailing  SQL server.  I was very surprised to see that your company was able to build and deliver the server to me the next day with the exact specifications I wanted.  The performance of the server is the best I have ever seen. Thank you very much.           

S.Y.  Dallas, Texas 


I have bought computer parts from different web sites and have found out that your web site is the most convenient one.  Especially, I like the “Item Cost History” button because no matter where I am in the website, with a single mouse click, I can see what I bought before and re-purchase the items with the current prices.  No more searching or browsing!  It’s fantastic!

R.P.  Boston, MA


Your fully automated eRMA  is AWESOME !  Before, I needed to find out  the serial number of the product,  dig out the old invoice, fill out a complicate form and fax it back to you.  Now, I can on-line search the serial number, add that product to RMA form directly.  It takes less than two minutes, instead of half hour or even  hours if I could not find the original invoice.   This feature saves me a lot of  time and efforts.   Thanks a bunch! 

S.W.  Suffolk,  VA

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service during my two years of doing business with you. The price, accuracy, ease of ordering, helpfulness, and speed of delivery are far better than any of your competitors that I have tried.

K.C.  Chicago, IL


Today, there are three types of car repair places:  the first one can’t fix the problems but is honest, the second one cheat, the third one can fix the problems and is also honest.  I have been buying PCs  from you  since 1999 and is dare to say that your company belongs to the third one.  Please keep this good tradition so I can send you more business.   

D.L.  Austin, Texas


“Your computers are built with reliability, performance, compatibility, and the service is more than competent…”

E.K.  Atlanta, Georgia


Happy Holidays to everyone at PCspecial, your staff has done an incredible job delivering all my last minute merchandises before Christmas.   They are very friendly and helpful, may this coming new year be very prosperous for your company.

K.L   Los Angeles, CA


In the past, I ordered from other online companies and not one of them has even come close to your service. I just wanted to send you a quick email with my great pleasure and experience I have gotten from doing business with you.

P.C.   Washington, DC


I would like to thank you for the good service you have given us on  all the computer systems we  have purchased from you.  It has been working flawlessly in our office and has helped us drastically increase our productivity.  

Y.H.  Montgomery, AL

I am impressed with the computers we have purchased from you.  No matter if it is an office workstation or an enterprise server, you consistently build it with name brand components with great quality and performance.   I know it is very tough in the computer market today, keep up the great work and you will see more business coming your way!

L.S.   Sugar Land, Texas  


Payment Options for Resellers

The majority of our customers pay with credit card or company check. You may consider the following advantages in paying with credit cards:

  • Essentially 30-day net-term with 25-30 day grace period
  • Monthly statements showing purchasing details
  • No account application is necessary with major credit cards
  • Many credit card companies provide 1-2% cash back

We currently does not give net-terms to resellers unless you are a very established reseller.

For very established resellers who prefer a net term with us, the criteria in getting net-terms from us include but are not limited to the following:

Established Minimum Average Balance Bounce Check Possible Net-term
3 years $50,000.00 None 7 days
5 years $100,000.00 None 14 days
8 years $200,000.00 None 21 days
10 years $300,000.00 None 30 days

If you think your company is qualified and prefers a net-term with us, please submit the account application with your company’s past two years financial statement to:

 PCspecial/UNET, 1701 Gateway Blvd., # 301, Richardson, Texas 75080, or Call (972) 907-2300, Fax (972) 437-2506.

It normally takes 2-3 weeks to process your application.  Before your Net-Term account is approved, you can always prepay or use credit card * for your order.

* Note: the prices for all the products listed on this web reflect a 3% cash discount.

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